10+ Latest Code Game Tenebris Pictura 2023

Tenebris Pictura is a surreal action -adventure game in which you’ll explore multiple dimensions to hunt ghosts and solve Victorian puzzles. Let us find out more details about 10+ Latest Code Game Tenebris Pictura 2023 in this article by Mod All Game.

Overview of the game Tenebris Pictura

In the ghost-hunting game Tenebris Pictura, you will be transported back to the Victorian era, playing the role of a paranormal investigator with psychic abilities, who has just landed on a complex and mysterious misty island. You are invited there by an old friend to investigate his daughter’s disappearance. Before long, you’re drawn into a supernatural mystery linked to a shadowy cult, seeing extraterrestrial beings who appear to have escaped from a collection of strange paintings of questionable origin.

You are invited there by an old friend to investigate his daughter’s disappearance

The main features of the game Tenebris Pictura

Confront mysterious monsters

Hide your body from danger and separate your soul to face the hordes of demons. Dodge their attacks and counterattack with your psychic energy… But that’s not enough! You need to move objects and strategically prepare your surroundings. In the process, you’ll discover, learning how to use your uncanny skills and tricks to halt the advance of your enemies despite being outnumbered.

Solve puzzles through time

On this island, the laws of nature seem to be collapsing: the floors disappear, taking you to distant galaxies; moving walls, illusions, and lights create a surreal environment; Moveable worlds are found inside the pictures… A huge variety of puzzles to juggle your mind is presented in a non-linear order, designed to accept a variety of bright solutions. create.

Discover a unique island

Use the Aeter’s Pendulum to search for murky presences in scattered areas of the island: misty forests, infested buildings, and mansions with ghostly basements that appear to have been used as a laboratory for the paranormal. Use your psychic abilities to find clues that reveal what’s about to happen on the island!

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