10 Latest Code Game Land Above Sea Below 2023

Land Above Sea Below is a quiet landscape-building game with tactical elements similar to Dorfromantik, in which you must find a way to increase the area and height of the island by matching random hexagons together. This game will be released on September 15th, 2023. Let us find out more details about the 10 Code game Land Above Sea Below by Mod All Game in this article.

Land Above Sea Below simulation game will bring you to the wonderful world of small islands in eternal autumn – all created by you. In this stunning puzzle/building strategy game, you have to develop the island’s territory by placing hexagonal bricks next to each other, thereby creating many new constructions on the island. The grids will be randomly and infinitely generated, ensuring that every island you create and every play will be different, promising to bring many new experiences.

Gameplay of Land Above Sea Below

In Land Above Sea Below Steam, you start with a hexagon where the Last Tree of Autumn grows on it. Your goal is to keep this tree alive as long as possible by avoiding the grid on which this tree is located being swallowed by the sea.

To do so, you must match the tiles on the map one after another into the available empty cells. However, you need to place the most suitable tiles adjacent to each other, as it will raise not only the territory but also the height of the island, keeping it away from increasing sea levels. As you progress, new landscape and terrain tiles will be unlocked. As the landscape becomes more diverse, placing the tiles in the best location will become increasingly more difficult.

In Land Above Sea Below Steam, you start with a hexagon where the Last Tree of Autumn

The bricks can be rotated to create the right scene, but what is strategically important is how you place the special bricks (roads, rivers, walls, etc.), as it will affect the development further development of the island. These special bricks will shape your island in unique ways: A river will always stay right above sea level, but it won’t rise any higher as your island expands.

You are only allowed to place a certain number of tiles in a round, as shown by the counter, so you need to plan your turns carefully. By completing challenges, you can receive rewards (like extra steps, extra points,…). When the round ends and the sea level rises, if all tiles (except special ones) are at sea level, they will be flooded and sunk.

The main features of the game Land Above Sea Below

  • Relaxing gameplay with a warm autumn atmosphere.
  • Many eye-catching beautiful scenes – all created by you.
  • Unique puzzle gameplay with strategy elements.
  • Every tile and every level is unique and non-repeating.
  • Infinite game mode.
  • Minimalist style.
  • Lots of unique unlockable tiles

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