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Blasphemous is an action -platformer that hits the Steam storefront in 2019. Blasphemous gameplay combines fast-paced combat with a familiar hack-and-slash style, deep and evocative storyline – all reimagined through a Huge space exploration adventure consisting of non-linear levels. Let us find out the details about how to download the game Blasphemous 2 for mobile by Mod All Game.

The plot of the game Blasphemous

A dark curse has descended on the land of Cvstodia and all its inhabitants. They call it a miracle. Play Blasphemous on PC to role-play The Penitent One – the sole survivor of the Silent Sorrow massacre. Trapped in an endless cycle of death and resurrection, this catastrophe will prevent you from saving the world and reaching the source of our anguish.

Explore the nightmarish world of interwoven religions and the secrets hidden within. Use devastating combos and brutal hacks to defeat monstrous monsters and giant bosses that are trying to tear you to pieces. Locate and seek reliquary, rosary, or prayers that call on the strength from heaven to assist you in breaking this eternal curse.


Blasphemous – Download an attractive action game

Explore the free world

Defeat fearsome enemies and overcome deadly traps as you travel through different areas. The ultimate goal is to save the world of Cvstodia in an eternal curse.

Brutal War

Unleash the power of Mea Culpa – the sword born of sin to destroy enemies. Use destructive combos and special moves on your journey.

Fast-paced action gameplay

Unleash your fury and immerse yourself in bloody combat – all rendered with vivid effects and pixel-perfect graphics.

Customize the project

Explore and find relics, rosaries, prayers or legendary swords to unlock new abilities, increase characters’ stats. Experiment with different combinations to create groundbreaking gameplay.

Fierce boss battle

Huge and ferocious monsters are ready to stop your footsteps. Learn how they move, grasp the enemy’s weak points to be able to survive the barrage of attacks. Victory will belong to the smart and brave heads.

Unlock the mysteries of Cvstodia

This world is filled with suffering souls. They may need your help or ask for something in return. Discover the stories and fate of each soul to receive rewards, from which you will better understand the dark world in which you live.

How to download the game Blasphemous 2?

Here is an article on how to download Blasphemous 2 in 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Visit our homepage link.
  • Step 2: At the homepage, use the search feature to find the game Blasphemous 2.
  • Step 3: Select the corresponding game and start the download process to be able to experience the game easily.

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