Download Hack Animal Revolt Battle Simulator 2023

Hack Animal Revolt Battle Simulator MOD APK not only brings you to admire the battle of dinosaurs but also many other huge prehistoric beasts. These battles are yours to decide, whether it’s fair or not is all up to you to choose the monster to face the enemy. The fighting took place extremely monumentally in a large but simple space. This makes you focus more on the battle of the beasts that is happening on the phone screen. Are you ready to experience the game or not? Join Mod All Game to discover more about this game with useful information in the article below.

About Animal Revolt Battle Simulator game

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator of the publisher VDimension. You will challenge your monster to other powerful monsters. There are many exciting events, with a rich system of monsters, and new gameplay. Winning is not easy, but the gift for the winner is extremely valuable.

There are many exciting events, with a rich system of monsters

Experience the battle of beasts with new gameplay

VDimension creates an extremely interesting battle of giant beasts. Before starting the game, you will choose your monster, be it a dinosaur, rhinoceros, flying dinosaur, mammoth, etc. Then fight your opponent in a simple, yet re-imagined space. wide. With a simple 3D simulation, Animal Revolt Battle Simulator v3.1.6 has succeeded in making a difference with many dinosaur battle games on the market.

Especially the new gameplay, in that, you will not know if your enemy is strong or weak. Just looking at the image, you will need to judge to choose the right monsters to fight. So the battle you go through maybe laborious or unequal. Combined with simple control via the on-screen virtual key system, you can master the battle, and admire the majestic attack from the giant beasts.

The rich prehistoric beast system

The prehistoric beast system is simulated quite realistically, but the colors are made quite impressive to create a new point for the game. There are many different types of monsters for you to choose from: elephants, bears, lions, tigers, rhinos, dinosaurs, apes, etc. All of them are beasts from prehistoric times, so their extremely large size makes you must be scared.

Customize monsters from parts to weapons

A very cool and interesting feature that makes Animal Revolt Battle Simulator MOD (Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlocked) so attractive to so many players is the customization feature. Your beast is fully customizable by adding different parts or equipping additional weapons to enhance combat power.

What features does the Animal Revolt Battle Simulator 3.1.6 APK MOD version have?

To help you get the best advantage when playing the game, I share with you the Animal Revolt Battle Simulator MOD Menu version with a lot of attractive features such as:

  • Menu MOD
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