Download Hack Free Fire OB40 (FF Auto Headshot, Menu, Through Walls)

Many players utilize hack Free Fire OB40 (Mod Auto Headshot, Menu, Fly, Through the Wall) to advance in the challenge rankings. Climbing the ranks will now be simpler and easier than ever thanks to the Free Fire Hack version. Although there are various hack versions available, the anti-ban version of Mod All Game enables you to play it without concern for being locked. We’ll demonstrate how to download and set up the most recent version of this hack in this article.

Introducing Hack Free Fire OB40 version

Millions of gamers like playing Free Fire, one of Garena’s survival shooting video games. Versions of Hack Free Fire were created and preferred by many players to make it simpler to get experience and move up the levels. Because they allow players the advantage to advance through levels and play games more quickly than ever before, hacks are quickly gaining popularity.

The FF OB40 Hack version doesn’t differ all that much from the official version. The addition of numerous cutting-edge features that give you an advantage when playing games is the only difference. For instance, you might want to hack diamonds, immortality, or even gun skins. The game will now make it very easy for you to survive and kill adversaries. You can utilize the mod features to your advantage to easily destroy any foes you find and win by being the last person standing.

Hack Free Fire OB40
The FF OB40 Hack version doesn’t differ all that much from the official version

What versions of Hack FF OB40 are there?

Hack FF OB40 Auto Headshot Mod Menu

The headshot phase is essential for quickly destroying the adversary. The Free Fire OB40 Auto Headshot Hack version enables you to swiftly and effectively eliminate all adversaries. Your only task at this point is to activate the scope and fire, guaranteeing nearly perfect precision to swiftly eliminate all adversaries.

FF Headshot Hack Version Features

  • Automatic centering, almost perfect headshot ratio
  • Unlimited glue bombs hut
  • Build a hut anywhere you want
  • 100% Vietnamese language support

Free Fire Hack Full Diamond

When applied, the hack version KC FF OB40 will instantly add 99999999 totally free diamonds to your account. Characters can now be purchased and upgraded at will. Feel free to purchase your preferred firearms, furniture, and/or pets. Isn’t it fantastic?

MOD Skin-Free Fire

Your character can don all skins and gun skins thanks to this hack, which eliminates the need to purchase them. This skin mod version also enables you to alter the effects of outfits, weapons skins, and numerous other game effects in addition to appearance and appearance.

Your character can don all skins and gun skins thanks to this hack
Your character can don all skins and gun skins thanks to this hack

Hack Immortal FF

The triumph appears to be firmly in your hand’s thanks to the immortal hack feature in this iteration of OB40. You will never be destroyed, and taking the enemy down is now incredibly easy. The only thing you need to do is enable the immortal option in the Hack Menu; the Free Fire version will take care of the rest.

Hack Free Fire through walls

It’s now simpler than ever to pass through every building thanks to the hack version of FF Through the Wall. Not only is it advantageous to break through the wall in this version, but you can also see all sides without being constrained by the structure. It will now be quite simple to locate and eliminate foes, especially since the FF OB40 hack version is not locked when employed.

Free Fire Hack 99 999 diamonds

You will immediately receive 99999 diamonds completely free to your game account as soon as you install the hacked version. Now you can freely shop for all the items in the store without any limitations. It’s really great, isn’t it?

What does the Menu MOD FF OB40 version have?

The Mod menu of the Vietnamese Hack FF OB40 has not one but many special features. Thanks to these features, the goal of being the last survivor will be easier than ever.

Here are the features in the Mod Menu of the Vietnamese version of Hack FF OB40 that you can experience to become the last survivor. This version is being used by the top accounts on the rankings to climb the rank.

  • Wallhack.
  • Chams Color.
  • Body white.
  • Antenna.
  • Night Mode.
  • Reset Guest Account.
  • Delete report.
  • Vehicle speed buff.
  • Glue bomb hut.
  • Mekit Run.
  • ESP Positioning.
  • Aimlock.
  • Pistol Ammo = CHAIN
  • FF MOD Extreme Minecraft Graphics

How to Hack Free Fire 2023 without locking Nick?

If you want to do a Free Fire hack without locking your nick, you first need to download a standard hack. The FF Hack that MODPURE provides below is compact, easy to install, and safe for gamers. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide to hacking FF game can refer:

As was already mentioned, there are numerous versions of Hack Free Fire available today, but there are numerous chances that it could end up being locked or even hacked. You can be sure that the Hack FF version supplied by Mod All Game is both effective and safe. Here is an FF hack that is guaranteed to work every time:

  • Download the two APK and OBB files supplied by Mod All Game, then install them.
  • Copy the entry “com.dts. free-fire” and paste it in the “android/OBB” folder.
  • Install the APK file in step three.
  • Continue to sign in to the newly installed free fire hack version.
  • Activate the desired option in the Hack menu by turning it on.
  • Enter and start to hack

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