How To Download Dragon Ball Legends 4.29.0 APK + MOD [Mega Menu, 6+ Features]

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK is a DB anime action RPG game that features epic 3D visuals, was officially published by Bandai Namco on platforms mobile. You can download the game and kill your enemy in a shot. Join us to learn some advantages of this game right away. In this article, Mod All Game will guide on how to download Ball Legends 4.29.0 APK easily.

Introduce about Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends – Recreate the childhood of many people through fierce battles

It can be said that Dragon Ball Legends is the most successful game adaptation of the comic book series of the same name Dragon Ball. Possessing attractive fighting gameplay combined with fierce battles beautifully depicted will not disappoint you with what it brings. Publisher Bandai Namco has done its product very well, with more than 10 million installs on Google Play is enough to prove it. Do not ignore the appearance of this game if you are a lover of the famous Dragon Ball series.


Still like the games of the same genre, Dragon Ball Legends allows players to participate in fierce battles. You will have to compete with other opponents around the world through an internet connection, this will give you a challenge that is not easy at all. Remember that you need to arrange your squad properly to be able to win at each level.

Basically, players will be able to use up to 3 characters in a match. A special feature in the game is that the characters are displayed as cards, a refreshing change from the previous versions. Players need to use the cards built into the screen to help the character perform the skills and activate the basic attacks that cause the opponent to lose blood quickly. In addition, players can also combine cards together to launch beautiful combos to optimize the power they bring.

Basically, players will be able to use up to 3 characters in a match

Unlock new characters

Dragon Ball Legends brings all the characters present in the comic book original. So you can easily meet the characters familiar with your childhood right away. In addition, players need to complete the assigned tasks to be able to own the characters they want in this game. Note, you can not use the money to buy characters in the game or exchange with other players. Try to complete many challenges built-in and wait for the element of luck to be able to win the rewards in the game.

The quest system will appear continuously in Dragon Ball Legends and be changed over a specific time, you can adjust the time properly and do the tasks that suit you. The difficulty of each mission will be directly proportional to the reward received. So players need to try hard to own the characters they want in the game.

Some important points

Dragon Ball Legends is packed with many important features. Such as Story EXP, EXP Training, Limit Breaks, Equipment, Soul Boost, etc. They require players to experience the game for a long time to understand the necessary information about these features.

Most of the prominent characters in DRAGON BALL possess great power in Dragon Ball Legends. If you are lucky enough to own Goku or Vegeta, you will gain a great advantage in every battle. However, owning powerful characters in the game is a relatively difficult thing.

In addition, the characters in the game possess one of two elements: Ranged Type or Defense Type. Each element will bring different effects to the character. If the Defense Type focuses on absorbing damage, then the Defense Type will help the character stronger in normal attacks.

High-quality 3D graphics

In addition to these unique features, Dragon Ball Legends also possesses extremely beautiful graphics quality thanks to the built-in 3D graphics format. This promises to bring players fierce battles but no less. sharp part. The special thing is that the combos in the game are portrayed quite successfully and very similar to the original comic book. It will definitely make you feel extremely excited to experience it. The transition effects in the game are relatively smooth, making the actions of the characters more flexible and stable.

In general, the above MOD credits will make your battles in the game a lot simpler than usual. Hope it will make you feel good when you experience this MOD version.

New update in Dragon Ball Legends

Version 4.29.0

  • Fixed various bugs

How to install Dragon Ball Legends

Step 1: Download the version of Dragon Ball Legends (APK or MOD) which is exclusively released at MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: On an Android phone, allow the game “Dragon Ball Legends” to access unknown settings.

Step 3: Open file Dragon Ball Tap Install.

Step 4: Completing the installation, the logo of “Dragon Ball Legends by MODDED-1” will appear just click to experience this game. Wish you have moments of an interesting experience.

Note: If you install the MOD does not work, then you need to delete it to install the APK (Bypass). After completing the tutorial, upload the MOD version to use.

FAQs about Dragon Ball Legends

1: How to install the MOD version?

How to install the MOD version of Dragon Ball Legends is similar to the instructions above. You just need to follow the instructions and you can install it on Android devices in no time.

2: What is special about the MOD version of Dragon Ball Legends?

When using the MOD version, you can get some advantages during the battle. For example, the God Mode feature will help the character become immortal and take no damage from enemies, or One Hit Kill helps you defeat the enemy with just one basic attack. Moreover, it comes with many other useful features, download it to explore it better.

3: How to activate the MOD version when playing the game?

Simply click on the MOD Menu that appears on the screen with the logo shape of MODDED-1. Here, you can select the feature you want to enable and click the slider to finish. Of course, you can enable the full MOD feature if you want.

Download Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK for Android

Although it was released a long time ago, Dragon Ball Legends still retains its charisma in the present time. This is a very carefully invested product from Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc publisher, which will surely bring great moments to the player. Alternatively, you can download the game for free on the App Store or Google Play through a few simple steps. The APK link below this article will also be a not-bad choice.

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