Guide On How To Download The Game Lost Eidolons

Lost Eidolons is a new turn-based strategy RPG on Steam with a compelling cinematic storyline, set in an empire decimated by civil war. In the game, you will play as mercenary captain Eden, tasked with leading a group of allies in epic encounters on the classic battlefield. Let us find out more details about how to download the game Lost Eidolons by Mod All Game.

The plot of the game Lost Eidolons

The land of Benerio was once a shining kingdom by the sea. Then an iron-handed conqueror, Ludivictus, burned the world and redrawn the maps. Now Benerio is an oppressed province in a crumbling Empire, where the only real employer is corruption. Lost Eidolons will focus on the protagonist Eden, a mercenary captain forced to become the commander of a rebel army when his village is facing war. Now Eden needs to rally his allies and stand strong against imperial armies, fearsome monsters, and hidden enemies.

Main features of the game Lost Eidolons

Master the battlefield

Position your soldiers strategically in every battle to take advantage of their class skills and magic. Master the battlefield and claim victory in challenging grid-based battle scenarios. Siege towering castles, overcome cunning bosses with unique abilities, and confront gigantic monsters – there will be many situations that force you to change your tactics, if no you will be their next meal!

Master the battlefield and claim victory in challenging grid-based battle scenarios

Bonding with allies

Leading an uprising isn’t just for the sake of winning battles. You will also have to build your base, convince people to join, learn their stories and help them through the ups and downs of the revolution.

Force customization

Recruit and train the perfect combat force with over 20 playable characters and 10 classes to choose from in Lost Eidolons. Equip and train your allies to unlock new skills, spells, and passive abilities. Build your mighty squad against the entire army and win!

Download the game Lost Eidolons

Check out this guide for a swift 3-step process to swiftly acquire the Lost Eidolons:

  • Step 1: Swing by our main webpage.
  • Step 2: Upon arriving at the main page, employ the search function to locate the Lost Eidolons.
  • Step: Opt for the appropriate game option and initiate the download sequence to promptly immerse yourself in the gaming adventure.

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