Download Zombie Towers 13.0.88 APK + MOD [Menu/God/DMG/Money]

Zombie Towers MOD APK will bring players to the post-apocalyptic context. This is the time when the zombies become the most powerful, they have destroyed all the people. As one of the few survivors, you need to act now to protect your base. First, let’s learn more about this game. This article, Mod All Game will guide you on how to download Zombie Towers 13.0.88 APK in one minute.

Introduce about Zombie Towers

Zombie Towers – Strategy game combined with a defense element

Have you ever thought about the world being destroyed by a pandemic of zombies? Join Zombie Towers, everything will be reproduced right from the first experience so you can somewhat better understand. In the game, you will become one of the lucky survivors of the global zombie pandemic. From here, you need to cooperate with others to build a strong base to ensure that no zombies come near.

It can be seen that the publisher Edenap has been very successful in bringing a really vivid context to the players. The army of zombies always knows how to bring certain surprises to the player. So they will attack at any time and are ready to destroy the base. You should try downloading the game through Google Play or App Store to enjoy it right now.

Defend and upgrade the tower

As mentioned, the tower defense is the core element that helps you and others escape attacks from zombies. There are many different defensive towers, and you must read their information carefully to arrange them appropriately in different locations. Remember that the strength of the zombies will increase. This makes the defensive towers can be weakened after a period of time. Therefore, upgrading defensive towers will help you improve your strength continuously.

After each upgrade, the number of guns in the towers will increase, and their shape will also change to a more modern direction. From there, you can easily feel that the firepower of the defensive towers has increased significantly. After each defeat of the zombies’ attacks, the player will receive a corresponding reward. You should use this money to upgrade the defense towers.

As mentioned, the tower defense is the core element that helps you and others escape attacks from zombies

Take advantage of auxiliary skills

Not only the appearance of defensive towers, but auxiliary skills will also increase the player’s defense success rate. There are many different skills available, each with a unique effect for the player to choose from. Typically, the ability to increase the attack range of the towers, increase damage, and more. Basically, you can choose or upgrade skills each time you reach a higher level in Zombie Towers. Depending on the specific situation, you should focus on upgrading the appropriate skills to bring about an immediate defensive effect.

Defensive wall system

If the turret plays the role of optimizing damage and killing zombies, the defensive walls are also very important. The defensive wall system is the only factor that helps your base stand up to attacks from zombies in Zombie Towers. They will do everything to destroy the walls to be able to enter your base. Therefore, focus on upgrading the defensive walls to help it increase HP continuously. The more you upgrade, the more resources you need to spend, so pay attention to this issue.

Various enemies

The number of enemies that you will face in Zombie Towers is very diverse with many different species. Each species of zombie will have different shapes, parameters as well as attack abilities. For example, miner zombies will have higher resistance than other species, or large zombies with the ability to dodge damage. Therefore, you need to ensure that your base has a variety of damage, and has a solid defense system.

Great graphics

Zombie Towers possesses high-quality graphics with a unique design. Here, you will see the appearance of zombies of all different shapes, as well as images of resilient soldiers who are ready to sacrifice their lives to protect the base. Moreover, the combat effects in the game are also very diverse with many different colors that will definitely not make you feel disappointed. Besides, you can also easily immerse yourself in the exciting atmosphere of the battle through the available sound system.

How to install Zombie Towers

Step 1: Download the Zombie Towers version (APK or MOD) from

Step 2: Enable unknown sources on your Android device.

Step 3: Open the file Zombie Click install.

Step 4: Follow the instructions to complete the installation. Then you can open the game and enjoy it right away.

Download Zombie Towers MOD APK for Android

Zombie Towers is a typical casual game with many different challenges that players need to overcome. You will constantly face waves of zombies appearing from all directions on the map, so come up with diverse strategies to defeat them as soon as possible. The content in the game will also improve continuously over time. So you will not feel bored when enjoying the game for a long time.

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