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Game Under The Waves is already released on August 29, 2023. Let us find out the detail about the game in this article by Mod All Game.

Overview of the game Under The Waves

A narrative adventure game called Under the Waves explores the crushing weight of grief. Stan, a professional diver, fights to overcome a life-changing disappearance and embrace a new future in a techno-futuristic depiction of the 1970s set deep in the North Sea. The solitude of the seabed parallels Stan’s mental state, and as he descends farther into his artificial seclusion, he starts to notice weird occurrences far below the waves. He will eventually have to make a challenging decision.

Under The Waves is a heartfelt love letter to the oceans that beckons you to explore its magnificent and rich underwater scenery, which acts as the backdrop for a moving tale. Experience a unique journey through Stan’s eyes as you lead him through a series of circumstances that will drag him farther and deeper into a mirror image of his own mind.
Pilot Stan’s submarine across the wide ocean floor and comes face to face with the spectacular wildlife that serves as his sole companion while he is imprisoned in his thoughts. In order to find a way to the surface and save his life, Stan must use his special suit to explore tunnels, shipwrecks, and underwater infrastructure. He must also follow the enigmatic manifestations of his memories. Gather supplies and tools for crafts. You will have to dare to think outside the box to live fascinating moments and learn more about the tragic past from which he tries to escape.

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Main features

These are some main features of the game Under the Waves, you can look once more time.

A journey under the waves to the edge of reality: Experience a poetic underwater adventure to help Stan overcome his traumatic past and save his life. Will Stan ever rise to the surface?

Under the waves
Pilot your submarine through the abyss

Explore the depths of the sea: Pilot your submarine through the abyss, swimming through caves, wrecks, and underwater infrastructure. On the trail of the past, put the pieces of the puzzle together by collecting junk, collectibles, and crafting equipment that will help Stan continue his exploration.

Admire the beauty of the ocean: Dive into magnificent underwater environments deeper and deeper, immersing yourself in a contemplative mood carried by an atmospheric soundtrack.

A unique and mysterious setting: Experience an alternate reality from the year 1979 where retro, sci-fi and fantasy intertwine in a unique artistic direction.

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