Gameplay, Trailer & Everything We Know About Viewfinder

Hot news! There is now a release date for Viewfinder. On July 18, 2023, players who are interested in the future mind-bending game will be able to purchase it. On the official PS5 retail page, the PlayStation demo is currently playable. It is revealed that Viewfinder will be available on PC and PlayStation. Regarding Xbox or Nintendo systems, nothing has been said. Let us with Mod All Game dive into this article.

Main features of the Viewfinder game

The creators of View Finder are Planet of Lana and LEGO Bricktales. You have an instant camera in the game, and you can freely arrange your images in the environment you see. Rotate, flip, and otherwise tinker with the image to make it fit the surroundings. Playing this game will challenge your ingenuity and perception!

In the first-person adventure game Viewfinder, placing a still image in the actual world causes it to come to life.

Game Viewfinder puts your perception, modeling, and shaping skills to the test using an “instant” camera. While solving the puzzle of images and the actual world, players will experience hours of fun and excitement.

Reshape the world

In addition to photos, you can use paintings, sketches, screenshots, postcards… or any other image to bring to life and shape the world in a whole new way.

Discovery is the shortest way to learn

Play View Finder to unravel the secrets of the world, why it exists, and human creative freedom. Explore many interconnected worlds where differences come together to create complex objects.

Unique experience

Viewfinder’s gameplay mixes adventure and puzzle. It’s a colorful and rich world for you to explore for hours on end. Find answers to the impossible as you step into the world of Viewfinder, why not?

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Video trailer about this game:

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